Nick's House Boston

HEADstrong Foundation's Nick's House Boston. In memory of Hofstra lacrosse player Nick Colleluori who courageously battled cancer and whose wish was that others would benefit from his life...

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What’s Nicks House?

Imagine that someone you love is diagnosed with cancer. After months, or even years of treatment, perhaps remission and then recurrence, you’re told that the next step has to be advanced treatment. That treatment is hundreds or thousands of miles from home, but it is a chance, a hope, that must be pursued relentlessly.

Nearly two million Americans will be diagnosed with cancer this year and this is a scenario that many families are facing. Every month hundreds of families travel to cancer centers in the greater Boston area for advanced care and clinical trials that are offered at those facilities. Over 50,000 a year travel over 125 miles one way to Boston for cancer treatment.

In addition to concern about their sick loved one, these families may be leaving behind other children or a job. Many have often maxed out their credit cards or depleted their savings to pay for health care. They come to a big city, leaving their supportive communities, need to find lodging for six weeks or more. Nick’s House provides a safe haven for them.

Why Boston?

With the expansion into Boston, the HEADstrong Foundation is expanding Nick’s House to provide more than 4,745 nights annually, increasing the number of families served by over 300%.

There will be no charge to families for housing. Since many families have already exhausted their financial resources and assets in supporting the care of their loved one, this financial assistance will ease a primary concern for many families. Over a typical 7-week period, each family will be relieved of nearly $12,000 in housing costs.

Nick’s House Boston will provide more out-of-town families access to the greater Boston area for advanced cancer treatment and the opportunity to participate in ground-breaking clinical trials that have spawned treatment breakthroughs. Nick’s House will be the difference for patients and families being able to pursue leading-edge therapies or deciding against continued treatment because of financial or family circumstances.